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Well.  This is rather unfortunate.  I saw the above artwork on design is mine and have now been forced to add yet ANOTHER artist to my very long list of “People Whose Work I Need to Buy.”   Not.  Good.il_430xN_82078411

Geninne has a delectably tempting etsy shop and a sweet little blog and now I am really struggling to decide which of her many beauties I’d like to snatch up.  (I would also like to snatch him up.)


Apologies for the temptation,


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Oh! I love Geninne’s work! Beautiful!

michele maule

Please- I find such great stuff here I can hardly stand it. Love your work Geninne!

Lori Portka

Enchanting. What a magical artist. Thanks for showing me her work!


They are just the sweetest pieces of work! I’m of to check her shop out. Thank you for pointing me in her direction. Birgitte


The last one is my favorite, but I do love all of her work. If only I could do my own art projects like this…sigh

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