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el corazon

I spotted this papercutting piece over on Emily Abigail and was immediately intrigued.  The thought of creating something this intricate out of paper… PAPER! … it just blows my mind.  This particular piece is called “El Corazon (Heart).”  

el corazon 3

On her blog, artist Elsa Mora explains some of her inspiration in creating this piece:   “But the journey starts in our heart. If your heart has been broken once or twice or many times just pick up your instrument and don’t give up making your own music because remember:  ‘The heart is the only broken instrument that works’ ”

el corazon 2

In New Jersey the air is cool and crisp and feels like fall.  Wishing you a happy week!


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wowzers. that is amazing! my goodness.


This just blows my mind entirely. It is fantastic! I’m going to check out her blog now.


Oooh! One of my Flickr contacts! Check out all of her work, it is truly beautiful.

Audrey Smith

these are so beautiful! good find kathryn. i have always been a fan of paper works, but these are just wow!


WoW! absolutely amazingly beautifull

Monique (Kee)
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