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Hello.  My name is Kathryn and I’m a coat-aholic.

I think my fetish probably stems from the fact that I so dislike having to bundle up in bulky outer garments all winter.  I hate feeling like a sausage stuffed into itchy wool casing.  Hence, I’m on a permanent hunt for The Perfect Winter Coat.  I found a really fabulous version last year, yet, of course, the search continues.  


So, when I saw the above on For Me, For You, I was enthralled.  Not only is the coat itself too cute for words, but Anabela from fieldguided MADE IT.  As in, with her own two hands.  

My own sewing prowess is restricted to the marking-period-long class I took in high school – in which I created some hospital scrub-like pajamas and a little makeup pouch.

Can you sew?  

It’s such a lost art.  My mom is an excellent seamstress, and always says how they need to start teaching a class on How to Survive in the Real World.  The lesson plan?  Sew a button and fix a hemline, use power tools, cook a meal, learn about the housing market and taking care of finances, basic plumbing and electrical repair… Things would be so much easier (and cheaper) if we knew how to take care of basic things like this ourselves.  

Maybe it’s time I stopped browsing blogs and watching so much HGTV and DID something.

Kudos to you Anabel, and all the other hands-on-DIYs out there.

Happy Friday!

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i love love love that coat, i am huge fan of funnelneck garments, so chic!


You’ve got the point across much better than I ever might, thanks!

Cortney Odem
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