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I have been trying really hard to stop wasting so much time puttering about on the Internet and watching zillions of episodes of House Hunters on HGTV and start actually DOING THINGS.  I know this is not a revolutionary concept, but technology has made it so easy to get lost in OTHER people’s fabulous projects and lives, that I think we sometimes forget about our own.

This is why I’m beyond impressed with PS – I Made This, which is all about one designer’s quest to create create create.  Her motto is perfect:  “I see it, I like it, I make it.”

In one of her recent projects, Erica takes some cans and bottles, matte spray paint, and puff paint and VOILA!  Chic porcelain pottery.  It’s so simple, and yet the result is utterly fabulous. 

It’s frigidly cold and rainy (with a chance of snow flurries!?) here in New Jersey – wishing you a warm and cozy weekend!

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Great idea! I will have to try this.


Amaaazing! Thanks for sharing this!


Totally love this! The power of spray paint.


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