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While trolling the Internet I stumbled upon these amazing Soft-Maps on paper tastebuds.  Crafted by Emily Fischer, founder of design business Haptic Lab, these Soft-Maps are quilted maps of neighborhoods, parks, and landmarks that “represent someone’s unique place in the city.”  These handmade beauties can also be custom made to represent any special place that you may want to wrap yourself up in for years to come.

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I particularly love how Emily suggests that the blankets can allow a child to “learn to read their neighborhood and its landmarks in a tactile, easily remembered way.”

Have a lovely weekend!


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These are quite amazing! Seems so lovely to be wrapped up in a soft version of one’s faveourite place.
Have a super weekend too!


Absolutely mind blowing! The detail is seriously astounding, maps are so intricate. x


These designs are remarkable, thanks for sharing! I work with ReadyMade and thought you might be interested in taking a look at some of their home design

Alice Wilson
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