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jessica rust

So apparently not only do I have a lighting obsession, I also have a dinnerware problem.  

jessica rust 3

I spotted Jessica Rust Designs’ customizable Birch Tree Collection on Lake Jane.  While ordering you provide your and your sweetie’s initials and the last two digits of the year and – VOILA!  Your initials carved in a (porcelain) birch tree.  Wouldn’t these pieces make a great anniversary or wedding gift?

jessica rust 2

Have a lovely week!

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awww… those are so cute ^.^ they even match my upcoming friend’s wedding colors…


These mugs are so cute!
I haven’t seen a design like this before
Would make a good Christmas gift

Jessica Sutton

ALMOST too pretty to eat from!!


These would make wonderful wedding gifts wouldn’t they Katya? I had never seen Jessica’s work before. Love it! Good work Kathryn.


they are so adorable! i want to buy them for myself.


I’m an origami fan and paper airplanes is one of my favorite forms of the art. It challenges not just your folding skills but also teaches you about aerodynamics. I remember a software called “The Greatest Paper Airplanes”. It teaches how to fold 50 different paper airplanes step by step with instructions and videos. Too bad the software is no longer distributed but there’s a website that teaches how to fold those 50 paper airplanes.

Theresa Gallegos
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