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this ilk

A long time ago I decided I needed to step up my jewelry collection.  I’m naturally drawn to very classic, dainty pieces…

this ilk 2 …but sometimes a girl needs to make a statement.

this ilk 3

That said, I am very much liking the eyecatching, lace-inspired pieces by This Ilk, which I spotted over on mustard & sage.

this ilk 4

And even better, the artist divides all of her jewelry into groups named after cunning feminine characters.  Wouldn’t you just love to be able to say, “Oh, this old thing?  It’s my Octopussy necklace.”

this ilk 5

Have a great day and a marvelous Thanksgiving!

{Octopussy multichain necklaceOctopussy necktie (made with old guitar strings!) Jeannie cloudy lace necklace; Ms. Peacock tail necklace; Octopussy coral lace earrings}

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