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Particularly in today’s not-so-delightful economy, I’m all about resourcefulness.  When I saw the haystack needle’s BRILLIANT paint chip invitations via Snippet & Ink I literally gasped with glee.

(Please keep in mind that at this point I was recovering from a serious sweet-potato-caramel-bread-pudding overdose – sugar coursing through my veins and eyelids drooping – so such an enthusiastic reaction in this sugared-sluggish state can only attest to the brilliance of this idea).  

color me happy 2

For a last minute housewarming party, Miss Jen grabbed a stack of free paint chips from a local store, then used her typewriter for the text of the invites.  The theme of the party was “Color Me Happy” – with bursts of color incorporated throughout the festivities.  Would you not LOVE to have this invitation show up in your mailbox?

color me happy

Wishing you a lovely weekend!


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LOVE that! what an awesome idea.

lesley [smidgebox designs]

yes, I am with you – love them!! I have paint chips, a whole book of them but would it be thrifty to buy a typewriter? 🙂

Jacqui Mee a Bee

Oh, what a neat idea!


This is SUCH a cute idea! I love!


What a great idea! I also have tons of color samples left over from re-painting the appartment last year. Let’s see how I could use them…

Judith ~ Felicity Crew
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