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lace clock

The more I look at these clocks from Faire Houre the more I become completely and utterly obsessed with them.

clock 2

I spotted them on A Delightful Blog.  and now I’m browsing the Etsy shop and blog like a crazy person trying to figure out which clock is my favorite.  There are just too many to chose from.  They’re all fabulous.  One in every room perhaps?  (Plus, the photo styling is just awesome.)

chirp clock

{my personal favorite, the lace clockturquoise clock; chirp clock}

Have a great weekend!


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Oh! I love these too. And I really enjoy the merchandising shots of them. So well done, you can see them translating into your own space perfectly.


Oh my goodness! That turquoise clock is made from a platter that was sold in Target a few years back. I have one just like it! Now I know what to do with it if I don’t want to use it as a platter anymore…

I love the styling in all of the photos. Gorgeous!

Nicole M.

The lace clock is my favorite, I love both those lamps too!

Christine - Handmade Evolution
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