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Here’s another one of those visionary architectural projects that just makes you go – wow.  Then it makes you go – I think I’d like to live there please.


Spotted over on Dezeen, this 385-metre high masterpiece has been designed by Beijing architects MAD. Slated to be built in Chongqing, China, the skyscraper features gardens at each level and will be called Urban Forest.


Instead of considering the project in standard vertical fashion, the architects envision “a stack of floors, each slice shifted horizontally to create spaces for gardens and patios.”


MAD is striving to determine a way to “engage the city dwellers with an experience of nature when its presence of steadily diminishes in the face of the ever intensifying concrete jungle.”


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that’s is amazing! i love the whole concept!


It looks great! But I keep wonering how muh light there will be in the rooms.

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