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A big thank you to Shiny Squirrel (via the Architects Journal) for completely demolishing any hopes I had of maintaing my 2010 resolution – Get-Lighting-Fixture-Obsession-Under-Control.  Clearly a futile battle.1211602_ClusterChandelier2

These innovative James Plumb luminaires transform a functional home item into an instant conversation-piece.  I particularly like the “Albie Puppy Light,” made out of recycled parts and materials, and the “Cluster Chandelier,” with a variety of jostling lampshades.


And if you’re feeling really adventurous, “Hillside Gardens” transforms a rustic lawnmower into a usable light fixture, and “Henry Oyenhart” adorns a tiny old birdcage with twisting leaves, ceramic flowers, and of course, a lightbulb.


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