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In the midst of a chilly January, there are few things better than a steaming mug of hot chocolate.  In fact, I’m in the midst of a rather extensive find-the-most-delicious-hot-chocolate-on-the-planet search. Hence my appreciation for these no-muss-no-fuss hotchocspoons from Chocolate Company, spotted on simplesong.

According to the cute company Web Site: “Of course our core product is the Hotchocspoon. We couldn’t live without it. It’s the iPhone among hot chocolates. Our Hotchocspoon is always undergoing development. It is now available WITH a whisky or amaretto shot or with Smarties for “kids only”.”

And best of all, there are 46 flavors to obsess over – from standard milk chocolate to strawberry and pink pepper.  This is definitely a hostess gift I wouldn’t mind getting!

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Sounds incredible! I am a chocoholic…please send help.

Kimberly Creagan


Erika Jurney
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