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Design blogs constantly post drool-worthy goods that are sometimes just a wee bit out of our price range.  So when I saw this fantastic chandelier on mustard and sage – and then learned it came with DIY INSTRUCTIONS – well, I was all about it.

Lindsey Adelman creates gorgeous lighting.  On her Web site, Lindsey explains that experimenting with readily available parts is what helped her get started in the business.  So now she’s provided explicit DIY instructions to help anyone and everyone create their own chandelier masterpiece.

The Brick House followed Lindsey’s instructions and experienced major success (see above photo!).  She says: “The project cost about $120 in lamp parts, one trip to Home Depot, two days of labor and some pretty intense arguing, jimmy-rigging and brainstorming with the Boy. All completely worth it ““ I love it!”

It’s a win win win situation.  You get an awesome lighting fixture.  You have the opportunity to actually MAKE something with your own two hands.  You save yourself enough moolah to celebrate your good work with a bottle (or two) of post-project champagne.

Go make something!

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My goodness, i am charmed by this chandelier masterpiece! I wish i could be that good and daring in making something!

Oh yes, i am hosting a giveaway currently together with, i was thinking perhaps you might like to check it out too!


This is an amazing idea. I would LOVE to try this…although I don’t think I have anywhere to put it. Fee- I’ll definitely check out your giveaway.


Very cool! It reminds me a little bit of tree branches in a way.

We inherited two poorly done chandeliers in our new home (way too low) so I seriously need somem ideas for new ones.

Valerie Tyler

Super find, Miss K. I really like these. A bit modern for my style, but I have some friends who’ll go wild when they see this.

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