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Thanks to Automatism for posting about a fun new blog called They Draw and Cook, which features beautiful illustrated recipes by artists, designers and illustrators with a passion for cooking.  In the mood for Faux Puttanesca?  Need a good recipe for vegetable stock?  Want to whip up a Simple Smoothie?

Somehow cooking seems a lot more appealing when you’re looking at a colorful, print-worthy recipe.  I’d love to hang some of these recipes directly on my kitchen walls!  (click on these images to appreciate the artwork in its full-size glory!)

Happy Tuesday!

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SO vibrant and lovely! love these. thanks for sharing!

sheer whimsy

What a fabulous way to present recipes!! Totally wall-worthy…wouldn’t want to hide these away in a notebook!


Thanks for the shout-out Brittni – I’d love it if you’d illustrate a recipe too!! It’s fun!

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