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I’ve seen some of Coulson Macleod’s art prints floating around Blog Land before, but I just fell in love with “Nobody put’s Baby in a corner” via Her Name Was Lola.

I’ve always been a fan of typographic art, and am always a sucker for good love quotes.  That makes these simple and stylish prints a perfect combination of my favorite things.

Maybe it’s the English major in me, but I just love the idea of hanging words on my walls. Language can be so beautiful, and when it’s presented so nicely, it makes a perfect addition to a room, don’t you think?

Have a great week!
Kathryn #mce_temp_url#

{What is Love? and Love Makes the Ride Worthwhile}

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those are great! really liking the first one!


Thanks Kathryn for such a lovely, lovely post about us.
Very much appreciated!

Especially love the fact you’ve put our ‘What Is Love?’ limited edition print on your blog, as this was written by the Coulson half of Coulson Macleod to me (I’m the Macleod half!) x

Coulson Macleod

These are fantastic! Running to check out her site. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


LOVE IT! I always see things like this, totally dig it. Then I tell myself “I could so make that.” But I never do (and it probably wouldn’t look as good). One of these days I’m just going to splurge and purchase one!


@CoulsonMacleod – Thank YOU for creating such LOVELY artwork. And I love the limited edition print even more now that I know more about its origins….

@Emily – I totally tell myself the same thing ALL THE TIME. Have I made myself a print yet? No.


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