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The innocent little cyclamen plant that I desperately tried to keep alive at work has finally met a sad and disastrous end. When I got to my cubicle this morning it was a withered brown shell of it’s former self.  Alas. Perhaps I should stick with cut flowers in pretty vases from now on. And first up – the Love is Blind Vase by Jessica Marie Lertvilai, available on Supermarket.  Apparently M-Dashing is to vases, as I am to lighting – and the lady has some nice taste in vases.

Jessica collected love letters, transcribed them into Braille, and then transferred them in relief pattern onto the surface of the vase.  Aka – wow.  “The Love is Blind project is both a coded pattern and an abstract pixilated painting. The attempt is to show the crossing of boundaries that exists between language, art and design.”

I love when design merges with a deeper meaning.

Have a lovely week!

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Thanks for your shout-out! I am in love with that clever vase, too, and am in serious talks with my credit card about if and when I shall purchase it. (-:

Amy at M-Dashing

this is gorgeous & such a neat concept. love it :]


Great find yet again Kathryn. I went over to the M-Dashing blog to check it out and I LOVE the Capitonne Vase by Gretel too. So cute!


i love it too!

and @papernstitch, yes, i LOVE the gretel vase. but i realized i’d already posted about gretel on this blog once, so didn’t want to sound like a broken record 🙂


Oh yeah! That’s right…I had forgotten about that Kathryn. Good call.

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