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I so do NOT need ANOTHER design shop to bookmark on my computer and lust after lamp after lamp after lamp. But I saw this Coffee-Light on be blushless and thought it was too cute to keep to myself.

Turns out that Connox is chock full of lustworthy lamps.  They’re just slightly off center enough to make a statement, without being overwhelming or gaudy.

I love the dual nature of the coffee cup/lamp and flowerpot/light.  It’d definitely make me do a doubletake if that’s what I saw when I walked in a room.

Pictured: Coffee-LightCamouflage pendant; 85 Lamps; Bloom Pot with lighting.

Have a great week!

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Oh my gosh! Glowing flowerpots? Genius!


oh i need alll of those.

kendal croix

Coffee light…AMAZING!


I need that coffee light. It’s very cute.

Le Petite Bonbon

Seriously… too cool! Love it so creative!

Monkey Mind Design

ah thx!
i also don’t need another cool blog that i want to read all the time…
but i really like what you are doing here, and i will be back!

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