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When I saw Jorine’s ceramics over on pretty pretty paper (specifically, the Tea Time set), all I could think of was Lumiere prancing about singing Be Our Guest in Beauty & the Beast. And clearly I’m not alone, because the designer herself says:  “Tea Time is a high tea set based on characters. Build up to be a family. Each piece has its own identity. With their character-like look they seem to come alive, living their lives on the table like soldiers in a little nation. Creating surrealistic moments like in Alice in Wonderland.”

In addition to the whimsical tribe of tea things, there’s the curvy Cafe Pompose coffee set, representing a little caffeinated family…

The obscenely clever T(r)eacups, with their adorable tree trunk legs…

And finally, for the mischievous hostess who really wants to get a laugh out of her guests, the Snout cups!

As a bride to be, I have to say… all of these unique ceramic pieces make it VERY tempting to ditch the standard big box store registries and fill my cupboards with an amazing handmade selection!

Happy Tuesday!
Kathryn, aka the sassy kathy

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hee-hee… CUTE!


these are fab Brittni! so cute and i totally get the Beauty and the Beast reference ~ i may just have to watch that dvd tonight… 😉
emma x

emma lamb

OMG! i just felt in love!


awww, the made me smile! so cute – I love the first photo – the ylook like a big Italian family 🙂


so cool kathryn. and i thought that very same thing- beauty and the beast- when i saw the set in that first image. love it! definitely making me want to watch b+b tonight as well emma!


i loooooooove this! thanks for sharing!

Bethany Susan
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