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It has become clear during my time here at paper n stitch that I have a serious, uncontrollable, completely bizarre lighting fetish. So, today, for my last Found On post, I felt it was only appropriate to once again revisit the topic of, oh, 85% of my finds – lighting.

Honestly, when I saw Ivy Xposed by Neffa featured on Design Milk, I was just plain confused.  Is it a plant?  Is it a lighting fixture?  Is it some sort of art installation? The answer – all three. Neffa aims to find creative combinations for interiors, allowing products to serve more than one function. This lamp features cut-away artwork, and is perfect for training the ivy. You decide how far you let the ivy grow out, subsequently choosing whether you’d like to emphasize the plant or lamp aspect of the piece.

It’s been a pleasure sharing my finds with you over the past year. Thank you for listening to me blather on about lamps, ceramics, lamps, and more lamps. I’ll still be posting over at my personal blog, but will be trying to remain sane as I continue working full time, teaching dance classes, moving in with my fiance, and getting married in October!

Thanks for reading along!
Kathryn (aka the sassy kathy)

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We’ll miss you Kathryn! Good luck with everything you do in the future.

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