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Brittni, I like the four favourites. I do have a soft spot for these simple mosaic style images anyway, but by only showing a selection of the daily faves might get more people clicking over to the gallery to see the rest. More of a ‘teaser’ if you will… and I do like today’s ‘teaser’… 🙂
Emma, x

emma lamb

Thanks Emma. I really appreciate the feedback. And agree that the teaser is probably a good thing (and not too overwhelming) I think I’ll keep doing it this way for now to see how it goes. 🙂


I like that by only showing four, you show more because the images can be larger and more captivating. 🙂

Bethany Susan

I hadn’t thought about that Bethany. You are absolutely right. Less is more in this case. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a little message. Have a great night.


Thanks so much for picking my scarf as a favourite! It really means a lot!

I love the new look to papernstitch so much. And I agree with Bethany about the larger images.

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