Four Reasons to Love Wolfie & the Sneak

I am not even sure I need to give anyone a reason to love popular print and accessories shop Wolfie & the Sneak, but just in case, here are the top four reasons to love this shop…

Reason #1: This limited edition illustrated calendar that Wolfie & the Sneak make every year (and sell out of every year) is officially my best handmade calendar of 2011 pick.

Reason 2: You will not find anything else like this! I can practically guarantee it. Its a handmade pinhole camera made of wood from Wolfie & the Sneak’s Sweet Haven Homestead series. This is the perfect gift for any camera enthusiast, beginners to experienced photographers. So cool!

Reason 3: Embracing the nature of found wood, this kindling shelf is hand-hewn from firewood, and is also from the Sweet Haven Homestead series (like the camera above). Definitely a unique addition to any home.

Reason 4: Renee and the Wolfie team are offering a special discount for pns readers! Enter “papernstitch” at check out for 20% off your entire order. Yeah! Thanks Renee.

Visit Wolfie & the Sneak now and get to shopping!

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i don’t need any more reasons. i am in love.


haha! good to hear rachel. 🙂


I fell in love with this gorgeous shop at The Big Crafty in Asheville, NC. I’m now the proud owner of their spring/summer/fall/winter poster series. So beautiful!


love love love wolfie & the sneak!!!


I love that poster set Jen. I bet it looks great in your home. Lots of color!

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