France bound? Not so fast!

Jeff and I were scheduled to go to France just a couple of months from now (actually more like a month and a half from now), which would have been our first time there. I haven’t even been to Europe, much less France. BUT there was a change of plans and now we are not going, at least not in May when we had originally planned.

For the most part, I am totally fine with that. I am sure we’ll go eventually…but when I see pictures like these from Georgianna Lane it makes me wish we were still going in May. She has taken quite a few photos in her travels to France. And they feel exactly how I imagine it to be – beautiful and kind of romantic.

Is that how it is there (in France)?

I’d love to know. If you’ve been there (or live there), how would you describe it? Let me know in the comments below when you have a minute.

And once you’ve left a comment, be sure to check out Georgianna’s photographs. She is a fellow Seattle gal and takes beautiful photos.

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🙂 It’s the PERFECT place to live. I’ve lived in Paris and it completely changed my life ^^


Hi Brittni!

Thank you so much for featuring my photos! And yes, many places in France are beautiful and romantic. But I’m a firm believer that there is beauty and romance in any environment – even if you have to coax it out sometimes. 🙂

I’m certain you will get to France when the time is right and you will love it. And much of the fun is in the dreaming and planning and anticipation, so you can still enjoy that part of it.

Thank you again.

(Would love to meet up with the bloggers group!)

– Georgianna


As a Dutchie with only a few trips to France under my belt i can say, yes, France can indeed be like that. I guess everything is in the eye of the beholder, magic is for those who look for it and the weather can help too 🙂

France is pretty large (compared to the Netherlands) and has different weather-types, which i think has a lot to do with how pretty things turn out. The north, with Normandy in the north-west, has a lot of rain and a lot of WWII-history, very visible in the landscape. That made it a bit sad for me when i visited that part. I remember Paris as having quite some rain as well, but still very pretty.

The south, with the Provence, has the mediterean weather, fields and fields of lavender and sunflowers, vinyards, citadels from the middle ages with narrow cobbled streets, amazing gorges from rivers.
Touches of German architecture in the east … and that’s about all i’ve seen. I still have plenty of exploring to do, the south-west part, for instance, Basque, the Bourdeaux, the Dordogne. It’s been too long since Paris, so i must visit there again 🙂

Maybe find some time for a movie-marathon set in France this weekend? I love the colours of Paris in Amelie and the small town life in Chocolat.


Hi! I live in France and I can tell you a little about my country… You seem to have a very romantic view of France, that makes me smile. France is very different in itself and you can have differents feelings if you travel in France. Paris is emblematic as a city, but if you come to east, you could discover so many green landscapes… And south can be so typical, architecture is not the same, people don’t live (and talk) the same way… So if you come to visit, I would give you the advice to see Paris but in the same time, don’t hesitate to move around, you could really be surprised!

Craft & Pillows

Oh my I have a lot to say about this subject! I’ve written many things on my blog under “our renovation”.

I hope you are able to get over there soon! Thank you for introducing me to another Seattlite. Her images are gorgeous!


That’s a great idea Brianne. I would love her to meet up with out bloggers group!


Ooh, I love the movement and color in these photos. Great introduction, hopefully our blogging group can meet her one of these times.


I am so excited to see this post! My husband and I are enamored with France and have plans to go in the next year…AND I recently discovered Georgianna Lane’s photography(via papernstitch!)–it’s absolutely incredible. Thanks for sharing!

Natalie Teodori

Hey Lauren! Thank you so much for your offer. I will definitely let you know when we make plans to go out there so I can get some recommendations from you. I love the way that you described it. Sounds lovely!


You’ll get there soon Brittni! I’m sorry your plans had to be changed. That’s always a bummer when you’re looking forward to something. I’ve only been to Paris and I must say it is the most beautiful and romantic city. Each little corner, back alley and nook are just as charming as the grand boulevards, buildings and parks. Once you step foot in the city you understand why so many artists are drawn to it and want to try and capture its essence. I know none of my images did it justice but my memories are so vivid and I remember it so fondly. Let me know when you’re going and I’ll recommend some stops. 🙂

Lauren Elise
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