Free for You- Part V


We are wrapping up this week of giveaways with a little treasure from Samaria Project. Its a Love Bird Stuffie, that is hand printed (each block hand-carved), then given a sweet little heart, and sewn together with the utmost care. Lovely!


All you have to do to enter is visit the Samaria Project shop, right here, find your favorite piece, and then come back here and post the url to your favorite. You have until this Sunday, March 1st at 8pm eastern to enter, and can enter up to 3 times. Good luck! And dont forget to enter the rest of our giveaways this week– we will be posting one per day! 


***And congratulations to Mallory, who won the Part II giveaway from earlier this week. Mallory’s winning comment said: “Oooh my owl-loving-heart adores this giveaway. My favorite would have to be this.” I will be in touch soon Mallory!

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[…] Samaria Project Plushie…winner= Nathalie, who said: “With owo loving boys I had to pick this one as my favorite!” […]

paper n stitch - More Winners!

I keep peeking into Jess’s shop. Everything’s so darn cute and clever that they tug at your heartstrings. Additional favorites include the sweatshirt animals:

Just look at Cordell’s great face, and he had a little pocket too! Thank you!

karen m.

With owo loving boys I had to pick this one as my favorite!


Such fantastic items in the Samaria Project shop! These t-shirt plushies are among my favorites:
Thank you!

karen m.

…or maybe Cordell, the sweatshirt animal…great idea to use sweatshirts!!

Julie R

her stuffies are so cute! My fave is the Cubie – Rezme.

Julie R

Geewhitakers I love stones and I love jellyfish, so this was a no brainer for me:

So redonkulously adorable!

This tote is adorable, I love the colour and the whole look!


Oh, my goodness! I SO just added this to my favorite shops! Love it! My favorite today is, because he just looks loveable, but I’m sure I will have a new favorite tomorrow!!!


I think I’ve fallen in love with the birdie stones!!


I love this plushie! So sweet and adorable.


I love Bertie and Bernito the owls, but – and I really have to stop looking at plush toys now, I’m a grown woman – I also love the puppies and kitties. This one is supercute and the sale if purely for an animal charity –

Good work to SamariaProject for their selflessness x


OK, I think I might explode with the cuteness of this. I squealed when I opened the paper n stitch post to the stuffies (all of them are here, so my workmates think I’m weird. OK, weird-er

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