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It has been so long since our last giveaway- too long in fact! So, to remedy this, we are kicking off the new exhibition with a week of giveaways! Everyday, we will be giving away something different, so make sure to check back each day so you can enter each giveaway. To start us off on this lovely Monday, we have a print from Melissa Lund. I love black and white photography and the lighting in this photo is so nice.


All you have to do to enter is visit Melissa Lund’s shop, right here, find your favorite piece, and then come back here and post the url to your favorite. You have until this Wednesday, February 25th at 8pm eastern to enter, and can enter up to 3 times. Good luck!


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I have a thing for lighthouses – Safe Passage is lovely:

Krista R

I agree….difficult to choose but my eye kept coming back to the Button Bouquet Montage.

Suzanne Lamberg

I really like the shadows in The Tracks:


Lovely prints!

I really like the Tracks print:

Krista R

This one is lovely—I really like the antique quality of this one. It looks as if it was hand-colored: Thanks so much Melissa! All the best to you~

kathy slaughter

Also love the vintage, yet contemporary feel of this: Lots of movement here, too.

kathy slaughter

It is a hard choice I like this one:

or the apples:


Wow, gorgeous work—but I have to say my favorite is:

kathy slaughter

Well i very much like abandoned too


My fiancee really likes abandoned

Steph Lewin is another fav. Yellow is one of my favorite colors.

Steph Lewin

I love the Taffeta pic


Steph Lewin

umm this is really difficult, i really like a lot of her images. i agree with you brittni, i love her b&w’s, so that is what i will choose as my fave!

the ‘blue water bridge’ series of 3 is lovely, i think # 3 [] is my fave. this was hard!

is my favourite. Thanks for letting us discover all theses artists…


I like this one:

Good way to start the week


My favorite photo- i like the vintage quality & color balance….especially the one gold flower, it really makes every color stand out more!


I’d say near and far is my favorite photo. Thanks for doing the drawing!


my favorite piece of hers is this:

I love the raw feel of leaving a negative-like frame around it. I photography a lot of urban decay and americana that’s been left behind, and really love seeing others’ viewpoints.


It is so hard to choose a favorite! She does awesome stuff! I love “beautiful!”


I think the Tafetta art photo is my very favorite. These sweet little ballet slippers are enchanting too. Thank you!

karen m.
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