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vadjutka giveaway
Summer Piggie Ring


Judit of Vadajutka is a guest poster with me on Scoutie Girl, and has a sweet jewelry shop as well. Judit just came out with a new summer series that features these cute little piggies, and has kindly offered the ballerina piglet ring above for a giveaway here on the blog. Yeah! Personally, I love off beat stuff like this, so I am very excited. The rings consist of a printed Japanese Kokka fabric, and have an adjustable base.


How do you enter? Its simple. Visit the Vadjutka shop, find you favorite item or items and then come back here and leave a comment with the url and why you like it. Dont worry- short and sweet is fine. Each person may comment up to two times. The giveaway ends on Monday, May 4th. Good luck!

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Hi, thank you for a wonderful giveaway. Such lovely items, my favorite is the Sunflower and Sky necklace. It’s just beautiful, reminds me of spring which hasn’t come soon enough.
THanks again!

urban craft
Piggies forever! 🙂 <3

Szirup cause I love those happy colors and glass.
Love her off beat jewelry!

I love this one because it is so soft and pretty, like most of her others too! I especially love it because it is asymmetrical (I have a thing for asymmetrical)


I love many of Vadjutka’s stuff, but this one is especially nice, I think:


I also love this brooch, it’s cute as hell and unique:


…well, this summer piggie ring is a true delight and I like it so much that, among all the Judit’s creations, my choice is the Summer Piggie Brooch :


I also love this candy shop necklace! It is so loaded with color and would make any ordinary outfit super fun! I really love this shop! Thanks for the intro!


I really love this fun and springy necklace!


This necklace is one of my favorites simply because I adore birds and it’s just too cute 🙂


I like the NEW – Lady Yeti – Pseudo Cameo necklace with mohair yarn and glass beads in levander lilac and grey colors. I’m not sure why, except that it looks soft.

Renee G
My fave is Lady with Flowers because it is unlike anything I have seen before – like the big beads in the front and the small ones in the back and the cameo of course, so pretty!


I loved these earrings because they’re happy looking and I bet they would swing while I dance.


I chose this ring not because I like it (in fact I do) but because I know that my little angel would LOVE it!


I love this necklace
I really like poppy flower made of a turquoise colored silk, and brass chain together…..


I really love the ballerina piglet, but from your shop I’ld have to choose the Florence fabric brooch


I love the countryside necklace and the sunflower and sky one as well.


I love Judit´s work and it´s really difficult to choose only one thing, but here is my choice:
I specially love this ring because it looks fresh and sweet, a perfect reflection of Vadjutka´s style. I love the color and the detail of the flower, it´s really pretty.
I can´t help to include the matching earrings too:


i love the Bird in Heaven, gold plated metal ring. such beautiful & vivid colors! fantastic!


Oooo. I just found this website -papernstich- the other day, and I love it! What a great idea + inspiration to others.
I checked out the Vadajutka store and my favorite reason why I love it is because it is unique. I love the fabric + metal + bead combinations in the jewelry.. here is my favorite item:
Thanks for letting me share!

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