Fresh Baked


Over the extended weekend, I went out of town and made an effort not to go on my computer at all. I had all my posts scheduled in advance for yesterday, so no one would even notice. It was nice, but of course, when I came back last night, I had tons of things to do.


Anyway, I was catching up on my emails last night and I discovered that a totally awesome site/service had just launched  called Bakery. It was  started by  Jaime Derringer and Erin Loechner (Design Milk and Design for Mankind).


Here’s what the site says…”BAKERY offers a wide variety of assistance to small businesses and independent shoppes worldwide. Whether youre struggling with a start-up, self-promotion or navigating the waters of social media, BAKERY has the experience and knowledge to advance your work.”


The site seems like a great, new resource for anyone looking to get themselves noticed, and for those that are seeking help with promoting themselves. You can check out Bakery right here and see for yourself.

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