Fresh New Shops on Papernstitch

So, as I mentioned earlier, today is the very first day of the new papernstitch exhibition. We’ve got some amazing shops to explore (over 100 as a matter of fact)…many of them brand new to papernstitch. Hope you’ll check them out. And if you’re looking for suggestions, here are a few shops I am crazy for at the moment…

Itz Fitz: Handmade Yarn Wreaths, Door Decorations

Noble Town Vintage: For both handmade and vintage items

The Light Fantastic: Specializing in unique, vintage-inspired photography

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Whyyy o whyyy Brittni do you always have to feature the cutest stuff in the planet? I am loving the new shops. My personal favorites are Whisker Graphics, Shop Gingiber and Olive 🙂

Mayi Carles

Good picks Mayi. I love Gingiber as well and have a post coming up around noon about her, so be sure to check that out.


Wow! I really love this exhibition’s artists. I think Divine Sweetness, one of today’s picks, has adorable goods!


Oh Mai, Divine Sweetness does have some adorable stuff. Doesn’t she? I think my favorite ring of hers is the one that is a daily favorite today. Those macaroons look good enough to eat.

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