Right to left. Top. Chocolate Bird Stitched Gocco from Lovely MPLS and Pale Ocean with Sun from GretchinMist Bottom. 724 from Chensio and Garden Bird No. 2 from Sooooound

Its Friday, and I feel like its been forever since my last flickr Friday post. And the papernstitch flickr group has some great artwork right now. So, I selected a couple of recent pieces from the group that my heart is currently skipping a beat for. Feel free to add your own work (art or craft) to the papernstitch group too. Maybe I’ll feature it on the blog.


Right to left. When You’re Done Here, You Get to go Home by Paper Whistle and Magentas! from Kaitlyn Sullivan

That’s it for me for today. I cannot wait to show off the re-design on Monday. So, make sure you check back for that. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Thank you so very very much for including my art work you feature on paper&stitch… I am so fortunate to be included in such a lovely collection… thank you, and happy new year !


the visual depth and interest in each and everyone of these is fantastic!


I am so glad everyone is loving these pieces. Belinda and Kaitlyn- you both are so talented. I was happy to feature you.


I have to say, Kaitlyn’s piece is definitely my favorite. I love the color, and the ink lines are just amazing! Love love!


thanks so much for including one of my pieces! love the artwork you feature on paper&stitch so i’m feeling more than honored. looking forward to a new year of posts!

take care xo k


thanks brittni for including my ocean piece. looking forward to seeing the re-design, tho i can’t think how it could look better! happy new year 🙂


it’s great to see some wonderful art! i love crafts, of course, but seeing art–in the sense that it is just to be visually enjoyed and not “useful”–is like a breath of fresh air. happy new year!

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