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Yay for Monday! Because that means there is just one more day before my new Skillshare course launches. I’m so excited and I hope to see you inside the classroom, along with more than 100 other students who have signed up so far.

If you haven’t signed up yet, there is still time (the course officially launches tomorrow and from then on, you can go through the course in it’s entirety at your own pace – whenever you’re ready):

Everything you need to know to create a share-worthy tutorial.

Here are the details in case you’re interested…Whether you are a professional blogger or a recreational DIYer, this class will teach you everything you need to know to present your tutorials/ DIY projects in a compelling way. Inside the (online) classroom, I’ll cover the key components of creating an awesome, share-worthy tutorial, give you specific approaches for how to come up with original ideas (even when you’re feeling stuck), share my tips and tricks for amazing photography and styling (including behind the scenes videos), and share ways for how you can get your work featured on your favorite blogs and maybe even into the pages of magazines.

Discount Code: I didn’t want the course to launch without a special discount code just for P & S readers. So if you enter the code PNS25 at checkout you’ll get 25% off, which makes the discounted price of this class $15. Sign up here.

paper flower class on skillshare

Of course, there are a lot of other cool classes on Skillshare to check out too, like Brittany’s paper flower class, which I cannot wait to dive into! I’m sure you know Brittany already from her blog, The House That Lars Built, where she shares insanely awesome DIYs. And now she’s bringing those DIYs to Skillshare and teaching students how to make three different types of paper flowers and greenery. You can sign up right here and be sure to use the discount code PAPER to get 20% off.

And if you need a little more info before dipping your toes in the paper flower pool with the rest of us, check out the intro video from Brittany right here.

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Yay! Awesome Colleen. Happy to have you in the class and looking forward to seeing your tutorials.


Just registered! Your DIYs are always amazing, I can’t wait to get started and see what tips and tricks you have to share with us.


Awesome Tilly! Looking forward to having you in the class.


Ooh exciting! Looks great, I’m signing up 🙂

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