Getting Back on Track Down the “Happiness Path” in your Business

Earlier this week, I put together six foolproof  tips (or full-proof as I called it on SG – I am full of proof that these simple reminders will work for you because they worked for me) for getting back on track down the “happiness path” in your business and in life.

I use these methods in my own business everyday and I can tell you… without reminding myself of a few of these six things every day or two, I’d be pretty lost. If you’re feeling unhappy or unfulfilled with even the tiniest aspect of your business, please read this post. It will help.

Get happiness tips one through six for your biz on Scoutie Girl now.

*Tip number one is choose your own path (image by Alyssa Nassner).

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Thanks Rike and Amy. 🙂 Have a great weekend.


brittni the post on sg is awesome. i know i’m already fairly positive but i’m working on cultivating that next step of real optimism right now and the post was great. i agree – no arguing with matisse. love that you’ve got another podcast too – bookmarked to listen soon.

amy - thank you cards shop

thank you & all the best

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