Gifts for The Maker, The Baker, and The Jewelry Taker…

Gift Ideas for DIY Lovers

One of the things that you may not know about me is that I like to be a little sneaky when it comes to gift giving. Because honestly, having someone tell you exactly what they want for their birthday or Christmas is great and all, but it kind of takes away from the fun. So what if you could pick out a gift, that even the hardest to buy for person on your list would love, and they wouldn’t even have to tell you what they wanted? You can. Enter Giftry, a brand new site where anyone can curate gift lists (called giftries) in various categories, to make finding the perfect gift 100 times easier. I’ve recently partnered with the site, as a Giftry Influencer, and will be sharing loads of cool gift ideas for all the people in your life..the DIYer, the cook, the homebody, the entertainer, etc. See all of my Giftry gift lists right here. But I’m not the only one sharing interesting gift lists. There are quite a few amazing tastemakers sharing their faves as well. Click here to see the full list of influencers.  Want to join in on the fun? Anyone can join. All you have to do is signup for a free account here to get started – making your own lists of gifts for yourself, along with friends and family. Aaand…if you’re interested you can apply to be a part of influencers program as well.

My Gift Lists on Giftry

What categories will I be sharing gift ideas in? My biggest Giftry list at the moment is Gifts for the DIY Lover, but I also have gift ideas for the entertainer, the jewelry lover, the cook, the fashion lover, and more. I may gotten a little carried away with my gift lists, but honestly, they’re so fun to put together, it’s hard not to. So, basically, I went to town on this stuff. I put together giftries that I thought you would love and/or find helpful for that special someone you may be shopping for. But if there’s a list or category you don’t see on my page, that you’d like to, I’m all ears. I’ll be creating more Giftry lists over the next several months, so I’m totally open to suggestions.

Gift Ideas for Bag Lovers

Here’s how Giftry works… When you head over to the site, and click on one of the gift lists, you’ll see something like this (above). From here, you can click a product that you like (or one that you think a friend or family member would enjoy) and go directly to the site that the item can be purchased. Super easy, right? But you can also, search through products that have recently been added, under the explore tab, to get some inspiration. Or create your own giftries to share with others, like friends and family. You can check out this quick video to see more about all of the things your can do with Giftry.

Gift Ideas for Jewelry Lovers

In addition to creating giftries for other people, like your best friends or brother, for example, you can also create a giftry for yourself. This list would be made of items that you’d love to be gifted, and those items can be from absolutely anywhere on the internet. If you see something you love, add it to your Giftry list with the bookmarklet (or manually if you prefer), and you’ll have a running catalog of all of the things you love. You can share the link with family and friends or they can be more sneaky about it and send an anonymous request for your gift list, so you won’t know who’s requesting it. Surprise! You can even add collaborators to a giftry to join forces on ideas for family and friends that are notoriously hard to buy for. Which is one of my favorite parts! Safety in numbers, right?

Gift Ideas for Bag + Purse Lovers

My picks for the bag lover

Gift Ideas for Fashion Lovers

My picks for the fashion lover

Gift Ideas for the Home

 My picks for the home

What are your tips for finding the perfect gift for someone on your list?

This post is in partnership with Giftry. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this site possible.

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That’s a good idea for a new Giftry list, Tomiko. I haven’t done a guys gift list yet…So, I added one just for you (I’m still adding products, but this is enough to get started)…


So handy and useful! I’m completely out of ideas for this year! Just one thing, I’m even worse at finding gifts for guys! Any tips?


Thanks Daisy! Glad you like my picks.


I love those gifts for the home:) The jewelry you selected is also really beautiful and delicate!

Daisy @ Simplicity Relished

Aw, thanks Kel. You’re so sweet.


You are the BEST curator! Love looking at your lists + picks on Giftry.. everything is spot on!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Haha. Yeah, it’s a lot of gift ideas, right Lisa! Clearly, I’m a little addicted.


How fun!! I absolutely love to give gifts – and I get so freaking excited every time I see someone post a gift guide… and this is like a gift guide x 1,000!
Love the ability to add in collaborators on hard to pick for people!

Lisa @ TequilaCupcakes

Aw, thanks Chels! Happy blog birthday, by the way…or blog birthday month I should say. 🙂


Ahhhh, I love when you do posts like this because your taste is just so crazy good! I always enjoy seeing what you pick. These are great — and Giftry is such a fab idea!

Chelsea Foy

Thanks Laura!


Some great inspirations here, love it!

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