Gifts for Kids: Sleepy King

This weekend, I had kids on the brain. Not kids of my own. My adorable niece and nephew of course.

Let me explain… Jeff and I went to a Christmas even called Winter Wonderland. We thought it sounded like a lot of fun (ice skating, reindeer games, fair type food), so I was pretty excited to go. Well, when we got there it was packed with toddlers and young children (which we didn’t expect, at least not to that degree) and there was barely room to walk around without being bumped by a stroller. It was crazy. So, we headed out and picked up some ice cream to snack on while we walked around St. Augustine.

Anyway, seeing all those kids last night loosing their mind over Santa Clause and sleigh rides, made me think of my niece and nephew and how much fun they probably would have had there. And that led me wondering what I am going to get them this year for the holidays, which of course led me to a shop filled with stuffed plushies for kids called Sleepy King. Mother and crafter, Savannah Carroll, makes these adorable little guys by hand in her studio. They are so cute! What child wouldn’t love one of these softies wrapped underneath the Christmas tree?

Visit Sleepy King on Etsy to see more of Savannah’s handmade creatures.

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They are soooooo fluffy!

But one of my favourite designer is Mónika Horváth (she is hungarian). She also makes cute plushies (Manka), bags and pictures.

Look at this:


How cool that you’re actually making your own plushies Van. That’s awesome!


These are SO cute. I’m making some cute plushies for my nieces and nephews, but these ones are so much better. Kids love these things!

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