Giveaway from Blackbird Letterpress


Bird in Tree Letterpress Flags from Blackbird Letterpress


Kathryn of Blackbird Letterpress has the coolest shop, stocked with lovely paper goods like the letterpress flags above. And guess what? We are offering those sweet tweets (sorry- couldn’t resist) for FREE to one lucky reader. I don’t think we have ever had a giveaway for letterpress before, so I am super excited. And these flags would  be perfect in a red kitchen over the cookbooks or they’ll add color to a neutral hallway. Don’t you think? Each strand is approximately 3.5 feet long. More info…



How do I enter? It’s simple. Visit the Blackbird Letterpress shop, find you favorite item or items and then come back here and leave a comment with the url and why you like it. Don’t worry- short and sweet is fine. Each person may comment up to two times. The giveaway ends on Friday, April 10th at 8pm. Good luck!

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I love the Susan B. Anthony moleskin
Susan B. ROCKED!


But as a moleskine lover, this other option is also a favorite:


Being a library lady myself, I guess this would be my first choice:


oh this is so adorable!


The Susan B Anthony Mokeskin. C’mon it’s one of the founding ladies.


I’ve got a red kitchen! I’d love those “tweets”!

Adore the “flying” cards – my family is full of pilots and we all love vintage aircraft.

Julie R

I’m loving the blackbird color flags. The cool ones to be exact:

Candied Fabrics

I love the bird in tree ones featured in your post! So pretty and would brighten up a boring corner nicely!


…although the cake flags are awfully cool, too. 🙂


I really love the Birds in Tree flags best!


love love love the abe lincoln moleskine! so cool!


I’m stuck on the Blackbirds on warm color flags they would certainly brighten a room.


What beautiful work! I especially like these notecards with the vintage typewriter


The Bird in Tree Letterpress Flags kill me! They are so classy and fun and will look fantastic in my living room! Birds make me so freakin’ happy!


I love this strand of flags:
I’m doing our bedroom in cool colors and would love something this unique to hang–it reminds me of tibetan prayer flags too.

Emily Bryan

I love the ferris wheel card, because I haven’t seen anything with a letterpress ferris wheel before!

Beth H

The Susan B. Anthony moleskine…yay Women’s Suffrage!!


Mmm…letterpress! I think these tilted tree cards are very nice –


I also love the letterpress Moleskines! My favorite is the spirograph one:


I love the sign language letterpress moleskine!!!!!!

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