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Bird in Tree Letterpress Flags from Blackbird Letterpress


Kathryn of Blackbird Letterpress has the coolest shop, stocked with lovely paper goods like the letterpress flags above. And guess what? We are offering those sweet tweets (sorry- couldn’t resist) for FREE to one lucky reader. I don’t think we have ever had a giveaway for letterpress before, so I am super excited. And these flags would  be perfect in a red kitchen over the cookbooks or they’ll add color to a neutral hallway. Don’t you think? Each strand is approximately 3.5 feet long. More info…



How do I enter? It’s simple. Visit the Blackbird Letterpress shop, find you favorite item or items and then come back here and leave a comment with the url and why you like it. Don’t worry- short and sweet is fine. Each person may comment up to two times. The giveaway ends on Friday, April 10th at 8pm. Good luck!

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Count me in!


I would absolutely have one of these handy in my bag. Nothing is cooler than a buckin’ bronco.


I have to say the ferris wheel cards:

they remind me of childhood 🙂


I have to say the ferris wheel cards:

They remind me of childhood


I love the portrait moleskine series – very classic, sophisticated, lots of character.


i love love love the fossil cards banner. my bf and i just moved into a new place with a sunroom and these would look awesome among all my plants.

plus – she has a palentologist for a husband just like ross on friends!


I also love the lady graduate card, it would be so cute to include in graduation announcements.


I know it isn’t even close to Christmas, but the Peace cards are great.

Stephenie T

I love the letterpress flags!

Stephenie T

The “thanks, man” cards are pretty nifty


I love everything owl letterpressed in the shop. how generous of them to give a little item!


Dallas Shaw

wonderfull meadow lark card!


The bronco moleskine is the best!!!!! I love the image and love that it’s on a moleskne.


I love the Mod Spirograph Cards. They bring back childhood memories.


Forgot to say how much I love all the Moleskines. I would definitely buy the “Idea Man” one for my son who is graduating from high school in June. Thanks again!

Kathy slaughter

Oh my goodness—I love it all! I guess if I had to pick, I’d say my favorites are the “painting studio,” and “library lady” cards. I’ve got my fingers crossed ; )! Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

Kathy slaughter

Vintage, whimsy and simplicity is what gets me…

I love just a simple word and an strong, love ferris wheels,

Kelly McNichol

This is my favourite, it is the blackbird flags, so happy!


Hey–who can resist the chance to enter twice?! My other favorite item is the Portrait Moleskin Series set of 4. Really amazing stuff. Thanks!


This is one of my favorite shops! I love the “blackbird flags in cool colors.” Thanks for the giveaway!

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