Giveaway Winners…


AHH! One of the disadvantages of being away for so long is sometimes things fall through the cracks and unfortunately this was one of them and I just feel awful…Laurie Wisburn of the lovely Scarlet Fig ran a giveaway here on papernstitch several weeks ago called Name that Fabric. It was wonderful- but unfortunately, I left before I was able to officially announce the winners from that giveaway, although Laurie was kind enough to announce the winners on her blog. So, better late than never….here’s what Lauire had to say about the giveaway and her picks:

This has been the absolute MOST fun I have had yet with a giveaway. Thank you so much for all of the creative ideas. I had such a hard time choosing…There were so many sassy, fun names to pick from. So after much debate, the winners are:

Elephants is now… “Pachyderm Parade”
Congratulations Sarah of
Pretty Bird Press

Birdies on Couches is now…. “Avian Therapy”
Congratulations Martha C!

Not one of the winners? Don’t worry about it…Laurie is hosting another great contest on her blog right now. Click here to enter. Visit Scarlet Fig for original textile designs.

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