Vadjutka just had an etsyversary and is celebrating with a pretty neat giveaway. What’s up for grabs? A $20 USD gift certificate, which will expire three months from the date issued.


How do you win? That’s the cool part- I thought this was a really neat idea… This year will be the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain throught Eastern-Europe, which includes Hungary. In the autumn of 1989, Hungary officially became a Republic, leaving its People’s Republic form behind, and entered into the difficult life of democracies. In remembering this part of history, Vadjuka is interested in learning about your personal history, by finding out what you did in the Autumn of 1989. Click here to leave your memory of this time on the Vadjuka blog for your chance to win. But you better hurry. Today is the last day to enter!

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