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This morning we have another wonderful giveaway that outdoor lovers especially are really going to enjoy! Today’s giveaway is from textile extraordinaire, Leanne Graeff, who has generously provided a set of three of her camp tea towels (camper, canoe, and tent) for one lucky winner. An over $40 retail value!


How do you enter the giveaway?

There are several ways to play this time and you may enter up to three times. First, visit Leanne Graeff’s shop and browse around for your favorites, then come back here and tell us which ones you like most. Second way to play, answer this question in the comments: what is your favorite or least favorite part of camping and why? Third, twitter or blog about this giveaway or Leanne’s work and leave a link in the comments here.

The giveaway will end on September 16th at 11:59 pm eastern time.

Leanne Graeff’s shop and blog.

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My favorite part is the food! Smores! Hobo dinner! Anything you can roast on a stick! The smell of the campfire cooking your dinner is bliss!

Jenna Z

Red Tractors Linen Tea Towel! Being a country girl, I love this!

Jenna Z

I hate the bugs but I love the campfires!


I really love the tractor fabric. I think I would love pijamas made out of that fabric 🙂


my favorite thing about camping: how it brings groups of people together and tends to highlight each person’s strengths and know-how.

least favorite thing: dirt under my fingernails!

kristen k.

very pretty things in this shop…my favorites are the My Heart is Yours tea towel, the House Next Door fabric, and the custom house tea towels. so colorful and simple!

kristen k.

My favorite part of camping is the smell of a bonfire. There is nothing in the city that can equal the smell of smoke and nature.

My least favorite part? Lack of decent washroom facilities. Sorry, but I have much love and respect for indoor plumbing!


Love the Camper – Camp Series- Original Fabric- Fat Quarter. The colors are wonderful and the pattern is too cute!


I love camping because you refuse many many usual materials you use everyday, become natural as born and so get relaxed, totally.


I absolutely love the camper print! It looks just like the camper that my fiance just brought home from his grandparent’s in Pennsylvania! The thing I love most about camping is the fishing I get to do while I’m outdoors!


Lovely giveaway my fingers are crossed. I love the house portrait tea towel sooo pretty . Helen


My favourite thing about camping is taking my Nephew to places he’s never been. Get him out of the city and away from his mom. Let him be a little boy. We lay under trees, catch frogs, photograph mushrooms at his request, and I teach him the basics of life. Camping is a priviledge that some can only hope for.


i loved the camper print fabric so much that i had to buy it!
also, my favorite part about camping is the smell of the campfire.


My husband and I (along with 3 dogs and a love bird) go camping at least every 2 months around Florida. It is only time I actually sit and do nothing. So I guess that is my favorite thing about camping…doing nothing.


how cute is red tractor tea towel & tote? in love!
my camping high & low.
high would be bonfires.& smores. mmmmm.
my camping low is waking up in the hot hot tent in the morning!


anna d.

i LOVE camping…everything about it. i guess my favorite part is hanging out with my friends in the woods, acting like we’re at summer camp and dreading going back home.


My favorite part about camping is the food! It always seems to taste better when you haven’t showered in three days…


1) I like her My Heart is Yours tea towel. This would make a nice gift for my Grandmother whose birthday falls around Valentine’s Day.

2) The best part about camping is:

Eating a stove-cooked meal after a long day of hiking, watching the sunset, sitting around the campfire talking or making music, and looking up at the stars.

It fills you with love for life.

Great giveaway!


I will post a link to your giveaway tomorrow http://www.hmgiveaways.blogspot.com
Feel free to post your new giveaways there in the future:)


Awee they are all so cute! I love the Large Canvas Tote – Camper – Orange 🙂
Thanks for a chance to win,
origamibysisi at gmail dot com

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