Got the Workday Blues? Let the Sunlight in!

I was having a hard time concentrating earlier today and feeling a little down. So, I opened up all the windows in my office/ bedroom and pulled the blinds all the way up as well.

I immediately felt more focused and cheery. And was able to complete my tasks in half the time it normally takes me. Now, I am not saying this will work every time. But, it’s definitely worth a shot. Don’t you think?

Any tips you’d like to share on fighting those workday blues?


Image c/o Leslie Thomson

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I am in the process of swapping my office to another bedroom for this very reason. The room is bigger (which is a bonus for me but not for my guests), faces the street (I can people watch) and get the sun all day long… I need sun to feel good 🙂

Kirsty Stewart

This is so, so true. When it’s sunny and bright, I find it much easier to concentrate and can keep going for hours. When it’s raining and grey (like today), I find it really hard to get moving. I then tend to spend more time catching up on blogs and do admin-type things… Crossing fingers for the sun to come out soon!

wild roses grow

Ah, that makes sense Shanon!


I’m great Brittni!
I should add that if it’s just any tv in general, it will distract me, and I’ll never get back to work. But watching shows with women doing there thing and being moguls gets my juices going! I pretend that I’m that successful and it motivates me. =)


I can totally relate! I have not windows in my office at work. However, the ceiling collapsed last week, so now I can see a bit of sunlight (sad but true)! I should not be excited about a leaky roof, but hearing the birds chirping and seeing hints of the sun makes me motivated!

Stacie Bloomfield

doing the same right now- thanks for the suggestion.


Hey Shanon! How are you doing? I love the Rachel Zoe project and can definitely say that watching a little tv from time to time can help give your brain the re-charge it needs. I just can’t watch it for too long during the day, or I’ll start to get distracted and bogged down. And music is a great suggestion as well Mayi.


As silly as this sounds, watching a few minutes of The Martha Stewart Show or The Rachel Zoe Project always gets me focused, inspired, and feeling ready to conquer the world.


This may sound super weird, but I like to beat the blues with a bit of “depressing” music. I love artist like air + lamb + death cab for cutie. And for me this type of music is not at all depressing, but very inspiring + nurturing to my soul. It fills me up inside. I used to be a dancer so I guess music plays a big part in my life + mood. It may work for other too 🙂

Mayi Carles

Absolutely Nicole. I bet it will help a lot! I actually recently (within the last month) moved my desk to a spot in our bedroom that has more light as well. I just moved it from one side of the room to the other (so not as far of a move as you), but I love it. The light shines in on me more in this new arrangement. I am basically surrounded by windows. It’s great!


It’s so true, Brittni. Im actually in the process of moving my workspace from one bedroom to another for that reason. The new space is much smaller but its so much brighter. In here now I have to have the overhead light on all day whereas in the new space I will have natural light until the sun sets. I feel like it will make me a happier, more motivated person!

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