Grab a Snack and Head for the Couch


I have been reading more magazines than usual lately. Probably the extra plane rides and the downtime when I was sick. So, now I have a pile of magazines stacking up in my living room, and I just don’t know what to do with them. I feel like they would make great packaging material for shipping things out, and I may even want to reference them once or twice in the future, but until then they are just taking up space in my modest home. (If you have any ideas on what to do with these, I am all ears.)

So, now more than ever, I am starting to feel the lean toward digital magazines. The only space they take up is on your hard drive and it saves an awful lot of paper. There are a lot of great digi-mags out there, which you have probably already heard of: VivaLaModa (a handmade fashion mag), N.E.E.T. magazine (for grassroots creativity),  and Antler Mag (inspiring ideas and design) to name a few. But one of my favorites has to be Mankind Magazine, that Erin of Design for Mankind puts together each month. The newest issue just went up and its The Lazy Issue. Gotta love that! So, curl up with your laptop on the couch and don’t forget a snack. This looks like a good one (as usual).

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I love that idea Bev! Good thinking. I wonder if Doctors often have people dropping off magazines…it would make sense for them to accept them. Why not, right?


Drop them off at your doctor’s office. Patients can browse while waiting.


Yes, I am overrun with mags as well Brandi. Love your idea for what to do with leftover magazines Kelly. Sounds like it would make a great kids project too…but since I don’t have any kids, I will be making these alone in a dark corner somewhere. 🙂


Make beads from the paper–cut them into long triangular shapes and start at the widest end. Take a straw or something like it, turn the triangle wrong side up, and start rolling at the wide end. Use a gluestick to coat the remaining bit of triangle, and keep rolling.


No kidding – I am overrun with old magazines/trade magazines as well. I hate to get rid of them because I enjoy them but wow – they seriously take up some room! Great online magazine suggestions.

Brandi Powell

Aw, shucks. 🙂


you are SO sweet, brittni! thank you so much!

design for mankind
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