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Behind the scenes dyeing projects

When I’m working on a project, I have to admit, I generally have tunnel vision… All I think about is the task that I’m doing, and I kind of lose track of time, which often means that before I know it’s 3pm and I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast. Whooops!

So, we started getting Graze snacks delivered (a snack subscription service), so I don’t have to think about going to the store and picking out snacks for everyone, etc. They’re delivered right to your door and you get to pick all of the snacks you receive too (you can also look up nutrition facts / calories counts ahead of time, if you’re looking for healthy choices). Yay!

Behind the scenes at Paper & Stitch

Behind the scenes with Paper & Stitch and Graze

I’ve partnered with Graze today to share a few of my favorite snacks, how I ‘graze’, and some behind the scenes photos from what projects we’ve been working on lately.

But the twist on this behind the scenes post is that I’m showing the sneak peeks before the content comes out. So, you can see the stuff we’re working on right now that hasn’t been published yet. Just to mix things up!

Here we go!

We’ve been plowing through quite a few projects, trying to get ahead with a few trips I have coming up late April and May. So, it’s pretty much all hands on deck…with paper projects, some concrete stuff, more furniture related DIYs, and a dyeing project or two. Oh! And some more fashion related content as well.


Behind the scenes with Paper & Stitch and @grazeusa

And lately, when myself, Amelia, Rachel, and Anissa are all in the studio together, we’ve each been working on our own separate projects, so we can knock out more content to stock up for when I’m gone. We’ll check in with each other to help out with a step photo or an extra hand here and there. But other than that, we’re all kind of in our own worlds / zoning out on tasks. Which doesn’t leave room for any fancy lunches during the work day. Little snacks are BIG for us right now…stuff we can nibble on in between projects, etc.

That said, if I’m being honest, I think I’m the worst offender of forgetting to eat when we’re in the middle of something. So, Amelia or Rachel will just toss me one of the Graze snack packs to munch on while we’re all working…which is especially handy when I’m starting to show signs of hangry-ness. Haha. Food solves (almost) all problems in that department, am I right?

Behind the scenes with Paper & Stitch and @grazeusa

So which Graze snacks are our favorites? The entire Paper & Stitch crew tried 16 of the 90+ snack options and here’s what we decided were our absolute faves…

Rachel’s Picks: Dark rocky road and berries and cream gelato.

Amelia’s Picks: Berries and cream gelato, salted fudge and peanut cookie, and zesty chili lime cashews.

Anissa’s Picks: Brooklyn bites and sesame garlic crunch.

My Picks: I had too many favorites to choose just one! But honestly, there wasn’t one pack that I didn’t like. They’re all good. Here are the ones I really, really, really love though… Salted fudge and peanut cookie, fruit and seed flapjack, sesame garlic crunch, spicy sriracha crunch, and tuscan pesto kern pops.

Behind the scenes with Paper & Stitch and @grazeusa

Behind the scenes at Paper & Stitch

Once I take a few minutes to fuel up and edit some photos, it’s back to production work! Here I am working on some concrete stuff.

I think concrete is one of my favorite materials to work with right now….It must be because it’s so messy. Isn’t it fun to just make a mess sometimes?

Behind the scenes with Paper & Stitch and @grazeusa

I found a new pink version of the paper that I used a while back on these guys, and we’re working on a little pattern on pattern number for it. Haven’t decide if it will include those little banana cut outs yet. But either way, I love ’em. What do you think?

Behind the scenes at Paper & Stitch

Behind the scenes at Paper & Stitch

We’ve also been working more behind the scenes to bring back some fashion related stuff, which I used to do a lot more of.

Most recently, I shared my work uniform. And I have some fun stuff planned with patterns, bright colors, etc that I can’t wait to share. I know you can’t tell from the look on my face in that photo, but I promise, I’m excited. 

Behind the scenes with Paper & Stitch and @grazeusa

So, that’s it for now on the behind the scenes. Let me know if there are any projects that you’re hoping to see on the blog. And also…I’m curious to know how you graze. What have you been snacking on lately? Anything in particular?

Want to give Graze a try?

Get your first Graze box free when you sign up for a subscription – just use the code PAPER at checkout. Your first free box is a sampler with 4 snacks, after that with your weekly subscription, you’ll get to choose 8 snacks you want from over 90 options for $11.99 per box (which includes delivery).

Thank you to Graze for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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Haha. Sounds like I need one of those shirts too, Kimberly. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to sharing those upcoming projects soon!


I had to crack a smile when you mentioned your “hangry-ness.” That’s the story of my life. I even bought a sleep shirt that says “Hella Hangry,” since it was so fitting. Because of that, I always make sure I have a snack in my handbag (and now diaper bag) when I go out. My usual go-to is some sort of crackers…typically Ritz or Goldfish. So grown up, I know! I love that Graze has so many options and am headed over to their site to sign up for my sample pack. I can’t wait to see what you are doing with that concrete and always love your dip-dyed projects. I’d love to see even more paper crafts on your site.

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