Hair Accessories from Janelle Haskin

My hair has now gotten to the point of being so long, its almost unmanageable. And since I don’t really want to cut it, I’ve been searching around for cute headbands and ties to keep my hair under control.

And I think I found something… These hand knit and crochet options from Janelle Haskin. Pretty cool, huh? The bow headbands are probably my favorites amongst Janelle’s collection. So cute and flirty. And did I mention that Zooey Deschanel (who has the most amazing style in my opinion) has one of these? Yep, she does.

Visit Janelle Haskin on etsy to view more of the collection.

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ah love them


I love the one in Pink !!


You’re welcome Janelle.


aw! Thanks Brittni! xoxo


I love them!

Danielle from The Merriweather Council
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