Handmade Inspirations from Inklore

Hello, hello! Just popping in to see how the long weekend is going for you. I am taking it easy today, but will be back to work as usual tomorrow. Before I head out, I wanted to share today’s shop of the day from the exhibition site. It’s handmade living shop Inklore with a special discount (scroll down for free shipping and 10% off your entire order).

(above) Linen Heart Pillow Slip + Quatrefoil Pillow Slip

Linked Linen Flap Clutch + Linen Heart Card

Reason to love Inklore: I am a big fan of linen; such a simple, beautiful fabric. And Sam Hirst, the designer at Inklore, is a fan as well. Almost all of her products are made with linen, as you can see. So lovely.

Use this special discount code: FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE US, ANY DAY OF THE WEEK and receive 10% OFF your order with the code VALENTINE.

Visit Inklore’s shop to view the entire collection of handmade living items.

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