Handmade vs Massmade

Left to right. Postmodern Frida Kahlo Dress from Ruby Pearl and Silk Dress from BCBG

This marks the first post for a regularly updated section called Handmade vs Massmade. It will pit two similar items against each other. One handmade, one massmade. Round one…Ding, Ding, Ding!

Both of these dresses are lovely but I think it’s safe to say that one of them has the edge. Which one do you think it is? Personally, I’m leaning towards the dress from Rudy Pearl, which is handmade. The bold print colors and unique, knit detailing send it over the edge for me. I love love love texture in clothing. By the way, you can find this dress is Modish’s Favorite DaWanda Picks.

Of course, we all love handmade goods, and I am no exception and may be a little bias. What do you think? Leave a note in the comments and tell me which dress should win.

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i agree!


hiya, found you through burdastyle…

most definitely, ruby pearl! it’s a work of art.

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