Happy Birthday!

I know it’s Earth Day, but today is also my brother’s 23rd birthday and I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Brandon! My mom took this picture of us when were little, after I had just caught a huge catfish in the lake behind our house. We put it in a bucket of water to show my brother, before releasing it back in to the lake. He was only two or three at the time, so he was pretty excited and inquisitive. What a day.

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Hey Bo. I was hoping you would see this. Hope you had a nice b-day!


Thanks Britt 🙂 So nice to see an old photo like that


i have to say happy birthday to brandon because today is also MY birthday! best wishes to him! 🙂
and that’s such a cute photo! tfs the little story 🙂

Patty Schaffer

Thank you ladies!


awesome little story and pic. =)

Bethany Susan

I’m very impressed with YOU holding that big catfish in your pretty little dress! Too cute.

Cheryl @ House of Shine
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