Happy Halloween + Weekend Links

That’s me in the ballerina / butterfly costume. Bet you’ve never heard of that combination, have you? I was either five or six when this picture was taken.

And that’s my little brother in the “ladybug” costume in front of me. Not sure that the devil horns on his head really add to the look? And I am pretty certain that his costume was just one of my old ones that he somehow got stuck with. But he looks pretty happy anyway. Tell a kid he’s going to get a sack full of free candy, and he’ll wear anything! Hope you all have an amazing Halloween and a great weekend. Before I head out, here are a few weekend links…

-How to use your blog to develop trust with your customers. Great guest post by April on Imaginative Bloom.

-Awesome set of three art prints available for download and DIY printing (for free) from Beth Blinebury. AND there is a contest going on too. Check it out.

-Need some help filling the tree with ornaments this year? Join Freshly Blended’s 5th Annual Ornament Exchange! The format has changed a little but and  sign ups will begin on November 1st, so mark your calendar. This is going to be lots of fun.

-If you are feeling girly, you might want to check it my post this week on Dujour: we love pale pink.

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oh myyyy you are the cutest girl in the planet with that ballerina costume! now i wanna go dig into my photo albums to see see myself hehehe. how narcisistic of me!! lol.

Mayi Carles @ Heartmade

Thank you Mayi. 🙂


Sweet! and you look so delighted!
Thanks for the links- I loved the “develop trust” post- I find I always try to do more than I can possibly fit into my schedule, and that I know makes me look bad. I have been trying to moderate my impulsive ‘oh yes I can do it all'(and have perfect nails!)Hmmm!
Have a great weekend!

annamaria potamiti

Yes I love that article too Annamaria. As soon as I read early in the week, I added it to this week’s link post so I wouldn’t forget. 🙂

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