Happy New Year!

Okay, okay, so its not quite 2012 yet. But I just couldn’t wait another second to tell you how much I am looking forward to the new year. And I am sure you are too! Lots of changes and new things to look forward to…

Which has me wondering what your plan is for 2012?

Let me know what you have up your sleeve in the new year (just leave your response in the comments below). I’d love to hear what you have going on.

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I blogged about my resolutions and went out of my way not to over complicate things. I want 2012 to be much more chilled and I want lots more me time. I also want to start anything I finish. That’s the big one for me 🙂


Good luck with your next book Kim. Great goals! Happy New Year.


My plan is to get some more sales in my Etsy shop, but most of all, it’s to get the second book of my trilogy written and start contacting some agents. My dream won’t get anywhere without work. Good luck everyone ♥

Kim Wedlock

hey jacqui! the new place is great. i LOVE seattle. i am so happy to hear that you have some big things happening in 2012. you’ll have to let me know more about it as you start to share the news. excited to hear more.

and hey coral lee! that is so great that you’re getting a manufacturer lined up! congrats.

happy new year!


Happy New Year Brittni! How’s the new place? We have big plans for 2012, my little bag business is about to explode so I am very excited! I hope you have some great things in the works too!!


Beautiful cards! Happy New Year! xo, rv


Rae Veda

Launching my creative business – in the design phase at the moment. Have a manufacturer at the ready. In 2012 I will have my own products in my hands after dreaming about doing this for 13 years. Will be a huge milestone and hopefully 2012 will mark the start of an exciting adventure into my own creative business!

Coral Lee

hey jay! i agree with you. never too early to start celebrating. i love your plans for 2012, especially “trust myself to be more creative”. what a good one! thanks for coming by. have a great weekend.


It never hurts to start celebrating early! the new year always brings so much hope and things to look forward to, it makes me giddy. My plans are to work more on myself and my family, my home and my relationship, and to be more creative and trust myself to be more creative.

Here’s my wishes you have fun this new year and a happy 365 new days.


hey van! how are you doing? its been a while! yep – we are settling in very well. and as for you – sounds like a good plan for the new year. hope is all that you dream of.


happy new year!

anna luft

Hey Britney! I hope you’re settling into your new home nicely. For the new year I’m going to create more and work on organizing my life and getting my freelancer schedule in order…and of course, work as hard as possible 🙂

I love New Years! Hope you have a happy one.

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