Happy Owl Glass

Tracy Bull, creator of Happy Owl Glass, makes the coolest glass pieces and a whole lot more. I have always loved the beautiful glass jewelry that Tracy makes, but had no idea that Happy Owl Glass also makes mini-dishes, lights, and prints. I love the way that illustration is incorporated into all of the work at Happy Owl. I have a soft spot for illustration, so all the prints stocked in the shop are right up my alley.


Top to Bottom. Great Grey Owl Tiny Dish, Handprinted Illustrations, Salvaged Glass Pendants

If you know me personally, then you probably know that seafoam green is my color! And so, naturally, I love that tiny owl dish. And if you love it too, then you absolutely must enter the next papernstitch giveaway because we are giving away three of these tiny dishes (retail value of $120) along with loads of other stuff in early December! 

Okay, back on track…Here’s what Tracy has to say about her work: “I have always been fascinated by the likes of birds, trees and simple curiosities around me that deserve a closer look. I try to incorporate these ideas into my glass, feeling that they are reachable by many walks of life. I pursued the media of glass with a background in graphic design. Because of this rigid mindset, I can’t seem to shake the look of hard lines in much of my work. However, I try to create a complimentary mix of warm subject matter with fine technical detail to amount to a friendly body of functional glasswork. I hope you enjoy it.”


Top to Bottom. Okapi Badge and Pendant , Cufflinks, and Pigeon Badge and Pendant

For more from Happy Owl Glass, click here to visit the website or here to visit the blog. And for great deals on Happy Owl handmade items, click here to visit Tracy’s markdown shop on Etsy.

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Owls are my favorite animal. I wonder if this artist has any other owl stuff. I will go take a looksy.

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