Hat Brat: 9 Wide Brim Hats that Will Get You Excited for Fall

8 Wide Brim Hats that Will Get You Excited for Fall

I don’t know how it happened exactly, but over the years, I’ve become a little bit of a hat brat. SO, I thought I’d roundup some of my favorite hats to take us into fall, since the change of seasons is right around the corner.

Who’s with me?

(above) 1. straw hat with a cozy sweater

Janessa Leone Henninsen Hat

2. Janessa Leone henninsen hat

8 Wide Brim Hats that Will Get You Excited for Fall

3. similar to my burgundy hat above (from this shoot) is this one from ASOS

8 Wide Brim Hats that Will Get You Excited for Fall

4. flat top boater hat

8 Wide Brim Hats that Will Get You Excited for Fall

5. Maxwell black brim hat

8 Wide Brim Hats that Will Get You Excited for Fall

6. fall fedora from Kendi Everyday

8 Wide Brim Hats that Will Get You Excited for Fall

7. flat top straw hat, like the one I wore during the farm to table shoot

8 Wide Brim Hats that Will Get You Excited for Fall

8. Found this big black hat from Smitten Studio

Janessa Leone Wegner Hat

9. Jenessa Leone wegner hat

Are you a hat kind of girl in the fall? If not, what’s your favorite fall accessory?

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So far I was happy with my huge black straw hat but maybe this fall will require some smaller ones as well? thanks for sharing these!


Love these looks. I look good in pretty much any hat but any time I’ve tried to wear one out in public I get so self-conscious because I feel like it makes SUCH a statement. About time, I gotta just learn how to rock it, I think!


I have this love hate relationship with hats. I love how they look on other people and I love how they look on me…but on me, I can only tolerate it for like 15 minutes haha. I get antsy with a hat on. But it looks soooo good on others!


COFFEESLAG Chloe-esque White Dress


That burgundy one… It’s color is so vibrant, I need that on in my life. ASAP!

Thank you for sharing!


Anita Sookan

I just love hats, but … I don’t think I can find right one for me – maybe something in Tom Waits style. 🙂



Love your hats! I got a whole lot of hats too 🙂 my. I’m addicted lol. Last picture is my favorite! Have a nice day. Grtz from a style-lover from Belgium.


First, love the title of this post. Second, love you in that hat. You are beautiful!

Lexy | Proper

Your hat game is always on point! I’m currently in search of the perfect fall hat and definitely gonna check these out!

kelly @ Studio DIY

It’s such a shame I can’t wear hats in school, not that I have any hats. I love this fashion sense and now I want to go buy some hats! Hope you can visit my website sometime!


I love the burgundy hat in the one of the top pictures! It’s such a gorgeous color and perfect for fall!



I love hats!!! I’m about buying one 🙂



Love love love this wide-brimmed fedora trend. Currently, I’m already rocking my maroon beanie, but I would love to dress things up a little with one of these. I actually have one in my Fall Must-Have Basics post. <3 Thanks so much for finding so many!

Tiana xx // alwaysneedher.com


Maybe you just haven’t found the right hat yet, Jodie. I think you should give it another try…I thought the same thing the first few hats I tried on, but now I love them.


I *wish* I was the kind of girl who wears hats all the time but I just can’t convince myself that they look good on me. This post has be dreaming again so perhaps it’s time to try…

Jodie x

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