Have you ever thought about coworking?

I went to a meetup for local bloggers a few days before I left Seattle and I wanted to share the photos I took at MAKERS, the coworking space that the last meetup was held. It’s an amazing place…

Would you consider joining a coworking space if it looked like this?

If I was still in Seattle, I know I would! I could use a place to spread out and collaborate with other people and just talk to other people during the work day. Do you know what I mean?

P.S. My good friend Melanie took some beautiful photos of MAKERS for her site, Inward Facing Girl, if you’d like to see more images of this giant coworking space.

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Check it @Coworkjax MT @papernstitch
Ever thought about coworking?: I went to a meetup for local bloggers a few days… http://t.co/HMuKuww4

content design group (@contentdg)

RT @papernstitch: Have you ever thought about coworking?: I went to a meetup for local bloggers a few days… http://t.co/ot6PSOs3

Sandra Dumais (@moonandsparrow)

Thanks for the shout out. I MISS YOU! I hope your trip is going well. I’ve been following along. Your photos from makers look great! xo


Have you ever thought about coworking? via @papernstitch http://t.co/RAgAs6Ut (miss you, b!) #seattle #design #photography

(@melaniebiehle) (@melaniebiehle)

Hey Mel! I miss you too. Hope your last week at the old job was good and you are settling into freelance nicely. I’ll be emailing you soon so we can catch up.


I do love collaborating no matter what the project. And to have a space like this would be amazing. That’s why I try and come up with series for my blog that involve some sort of collaboration.

I find it very inspiring to have that interaction – what results is usually much much better than if you had done it on your own.


I completely agree with you Sandra. Collaborations can ignite a fire and inspire. Thanks for stopping by!


COWORKING – Have you thought about it? http://t.co/Rx4ZyQcj

Margarida (@panopramangas)

Def something I hadn’t thought of but love the idea, and what an inspiring space!


It really is an inspiring space Kristen. The pictures don’t do the space justice.


Admittedly, Makers looks like an *amazing* space and I’m sorry I had to miss that meeting. For me it depends upon the project and my head space at the time. But having a creative place to be around other creative types and bounce ideas off of sounds awesome.

Uncle Beefy

Hey Bradford! I wish you were able to make it out to that meetup too! It was fun. I’ll have to come back to Seattle to visit soon so I can redeem myself from the last set of cupcake toppers. 🙂 And there will be lots of hand motions.


I wish more #Filipinos should know how cool a #coworking concept is #manila #philippines http://t.co/QEaljGPy

Maria Rona Beltran (@Maria_Rona12)
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