Have you ever thought about coworking?

I went to a meetup for local bloggers a few days before I left Seattle and I wanted to share the photos I took at MAKERS, the coworking space that the last meetup was held. It’s an amazing place…

Would you consider joining a coworking space if it looked like this?

If I was still in Seattle, I know I would! I could use a place to spread out and collaborate with other people and just talk to other people during the work day. Do you know what I mean?

P.S. My good friend Melanie took some beautiful photos of MAKERS for her site, Inward Facing Girl, if you’d like to see more images of this giant coworking space.

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Maria Rona Beltran (@Maria_Rona12)

Hey Bradford! I wish you were able to make it out to that meetup too! It was fun. I’ll have to come back to Seattle to visit soon so I can redeem myself from the last set of cupcake toppers. 🙂 And there will be lots of hand motions.


Admittedly, Makers looks like an *amazing* space and I’m sorry I had to miss that meeting. For me it depends upon the project and my head space at the time. But having a creative place to be around other creative types and bounce ideas off of sounds awesome.

Uncle Beefy

It really is an inspiring space Kristen. The pictures don’t do the space justice.


Def something I hadn’t thought of but love the idea, and what an inspiring space!


COWORKING – Have you thought about it? http://t.co/Rx4ZyQcj

Margarida (@panopramangas)

I completely agree with you Sandra. Collaborations can ignite a fire and inspire. Thanks for stopping by!


I do love collaborating no matter what the project. And to have a space like this would be amazing. That’s why I try and come up with series for my blog that involve some sort of collaboration.

I find it very inspiring to have that interaction – what results is usually much much better than if you had done it on your own.


Hey Mel! I miss you too. Hope your last week at the old job was good and you are settling into freelance nicely. I’ll be emailing you soon so we can catch up.


Have you ever thought about coworking? via @papernstitch http://t.co/RAgAs6Ut (miss you, b!) #seattle #design #photography

(@melaniebiehle) (@melaniebiehle)

Thanks for the shout out. I MISS YOU! I hope your trip is going well. I’ve been following along. Your photos from makers look great! xo


RT @papernstitch: Have you ever thought about coworking?: I went to a meetup for local bloggers a few days… http://t.co/ot6PSOs3

Sandra Dumais (@moonandsparrow)

Check it @Coworkjax MT @papernstitch
Ever thought about coworking?: I went to a meetup for local bloggers a few days… http://t.co/HMuKuww4

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