Have you heard about Retailr?

Okay, it’s officially November. Halloween is over and now it is full speed ahead to Christmas and the rest of the cheerful holidays for the year. Which means, if you’re intend  to open up a shop this year and haven’t gotten around to it, this is THE time to do it. Holiday shopping is like no other. People are going to buy gifts for their loved ones from someone, it might as well be you. Assuming you make awesome things. And I’m willing to bet that you do.

There are a lot of options out there, and I always say that you have to find the one that’s the best for you. Kind of like shoe shopping – you may think you like a pair when you first see ’em, but you have to try them on to know if they fit, right?

Along those lines, I want to be sure you know what your options are. Here’s one that you may not know about already: Retailr.

It’s really easy, there are no individual listing fees or commission fees on sales, and you can try it for 30 days completely free. Plus, I have discount code for you after your 30 day trial is over, so you can keep more of your money in your pocket. How’s that for a holiday bonus?

You can get all the details right here to figure out if Retailr would be a good fit for you, but here are the main points…

  • Free 30-day trial – Sign up and start building your listings in just a few minutes.
  • Ready to use themes & templates, easy store management and social media tools to help you increase yours sales and build your brand. Yay!
  • Let customers enter discount & promo codes – Easily create discount codes to offer sales promotions or shipping discounts.
  • You can basically  sell on Facebook with it, which is pretty neat.
  • Keep 100% of your profits! That’s a big one. Never pay for individual listing fees. Easily pay a flat-rate hosting fee.

Use this Awesome Discount Code to Save Big Time! From now until November 30th, Retailr is offering Papernstitch readers an exclusive discount. Sign up for Retailr now and receive 50% off any plan for 3 months in addition to your 30-day free trial. Just use the promo code: HOLIDAY50

Visit Retailr here to see if it is right for you and your online shop.

*Image above is a really cute shop that uses Retailr, called Aedriel Originals.

Disclaimer: I was compensated by the advertiser for this editorial feature. All opinions and ideas, however, are my own.  Interested in having a sponsored post on papernstitch? Visit the advertising page for more info.

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Thanks!! I think I’ll give it a try. Go big or go home right? 😉

Julia A.

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TillyRothwell (@TillyRothwell)

RT @papernstitch: Have you heard about Retailr?: Okay, it’s officially November. Halloween is over and now it… http://t.co/FrVqChTP

Retailr (@RetailrApp)

I would definitely recommend giving it a try Julia. Nothing to lose, since the first month is free…and as for managing sales, that’s a great question. You might want to try Stitch for managing your different accounts and keeping track of sales (it’s free also).


This place looks great. You know, I’d love for you to do a post on managing sales and inventory when you have your merchandise for sale on more than one site. I sell on etsy and my own site through indiemade, plus on a consignment basis for a local store. I don’t have so many that i can’t manage but hopefully, one day, I will.

Julia A.

RT @papernstitch: Have you heard about Retailr?: Okay, it’s officially November. Halloween is over and now it… http://t.co/FrVqChTP

(@eightymillion) (@eightymillion)
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